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General Japanese
Education Course

Face-to-face classes at Daiwa Japanese Language Training Center, Inc.

Daiwa Japanese Language Training Center, Inc. will offer the General Japanese Education Course to its students where our instructors will be teaching the following items through the use of the book 'IRODORI Japanese for Life in Japan' and other teaching materials personally utilized by our instructors:

  1. The three writing systems utilized in the Japanese language

  2. Need-to-know vocabulary that will help a learner grasp the basics of comprehension

  3. Grammar structures that support as foundation towards the differentiation of nuances

  • The scope of what will be taught in Daiwa's General Japanese Education Course would be equivalent to the amount of study needed for a learner to pass his examinations and acquire a JLPT N4 level (JFT-Basic level) of proficiency.

  • Daiwa Japanese Language Training Center Inc. will be incorporating skill tests support in its curriculum with the aim of improving the passing rate of students through the provision of high quality education.

  • Our Japanese language school will let its students experience Japan in our school through the teaching of manners and customs, and with the implementation of "Japanese speaking only" inside the school. This education of Japanese culture will not only help students blend in with the Japanese society if they choose to reside in Japan as the discipline can also be applied in one's everyday life here in the Philippines.​

  • Daiwa will only accommodate 60 students per batch with classes held physically every Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+8) and will mainly cater, but not limited to, applicants referred by Manpower Agencies and walk-in students.

  • When an applicant sent by a certain Manpower Agency takes the skill test, the results of the exam, as well as the registration to an agency will only be disclosed to the said agency.

  • Walk-in students who successfully passed the test are free to register to the agency of their choice.​

General Japanese Education Course Instructors


  • Dani-sensei is a JLPT N3 passer with an abundant amount of experience in working at different fields where the use of Japanese language is a must.

  • A graduate of Tokyo Language School (Shinjuku, Tokyo) where he learned Japanese in Japanese.

  • Trainers Methodology II holder


  • Marc-sensei is a JLPT N2 passer who attained a score of 168/180 through self-study.

  • A graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman where he took high-level Japanese classes to further his knowledge of the language.

  • Due to his interest in kanji, he possesses an abundant knowledge about the memorization of characters.

Training Period of Each Batches


Training Period of Each Batches:

  • Batch 1 - June 20, 2023 to September 29,2023

  • Batch 2 - July 24, 2023 to November 13, 2023

  • Batch 3 - September 25, 2023 to February 7, 2024

  • Batch 4 - December 4, 2023 to ...

  • Batch 5 - February 12, 2024 to ...

Avail the General Japanese Education Course

Individuals who wish to avail the General Japanese Education Course (face-to-face classes) will need to physically go to Daiwa Japanese Language Training Center, Inc. at 4th Floor, Ruby Ann Bldg. 911, San Andres Street, Corner Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila where interested students need to pay the tuition fee after they have filled up Daiwa's Student Registration Form. For individuals who wish to pay through installments, they will be handed a promissory note where the to-be student's signature will be written along with the guarantor's* signature.

*Note that the to-be student's guarantor must be a relative of the student and that the guarantor cannot be the child of the said to-be student.

STEP 1: Go to our school at 4th floor, Ruby Ann Bldg. 911, San Andres Street, Corner Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila, and look for Ms. Gemma Homeres or Mr. Jonathan Calabia.


STEP 2: Ms. Gemma or Mr. Jonathan will be telling you the details you need to know about enrolling and the gist of the services we will be proving before they hand you the 'Student Registration' form.


NOTE: You can also attend the free online orientation scheduled every week where we will be discussing the points and steps you need to know about our school and matters regarding one's employment in Japan before going to our school. For more information about our orientation, please refer to our Facebook page: Daiwa Philippines

STEP 3: You can pay the tuition fee in the school or contact us if you prefer paying through bank transfer.

STEP 4: Since one batch only accommodates a maximum of 30 students, we will be informing you whether you have successfully enrolled to the batch we will be currently teaching. On the occasion that you fail to be included in an earlier batch, we will be contacting you about the date of your start.

STEP 5: Once you've received an update about the start of classes, we advise you to bring pencils and a notebook to ready yourself for the lessons.

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