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Ask Us Anything

  • Can non-NC II (National Certificate II) holders enroll?
    Yes, non -NC II holders can enroll at our Daiwa to study Japanese. However, if the applicant wishes to work in Japan after graduating our school, he would need the following requirements: Certificate that proves you passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N4 above) or JFT-Basic National Certificate II of the field you chose Certificate that shows your passing of the Prometric Examinations Suppose that a non-NC II holder student graduated Daiwa, passing his examinations in JLPT / JFT and Prometric Exams, Daiwa can refer the student to a TESDA Accredited Training Center for his NC II acquisition.
  • How long and how much is the training?
    Your general Japanese education training will last three months with a tuition fee of PHP 30,000* where accommodation for your housing will be included. For individuals who reside in provinces far from the school's address, we will be looking for spaces near the school that they can stay in during their training period. *Monthly Installments are eligible. Please contact us for queries regarding monthly installments.
  • Is there an age limit in enrolling?
    Fundamentally, we do not have an age limit when enrolling to Daiwa. However, the enrolling of individuals over 40 who aim to work in Japan is discouraged. If you are over 40 years of age and enrolled to Daiwa upon the referral of a Manpower Agency, we advise that you discuss with the said agency about the details regarding an applicant's requirements.
  • Can people with tattoos enroll?
    Due to Japan's customs and the way the Japanese view tattoos, we only allow individuals with small or invisible tattoos to enroll in our school. On the contrary, individuals with large visible tattoos cannot enroll to Daiwa.
  • I already know Japanese but I lack skills in speaking in the language. Can I take the Conversation Skill-up course without taking Daiwa's General Japanese Education course?
    Yes, you may. However, do keep in mind that slots for the Conversation Skill-up course are limited.
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